Ocean Park to Victoria Peak

Ocean Park and Victoria Peak are two of the great destinations in Hong Kong, and can easily be visited in a whole day out in Hong Kong.

If you have visited the park in the morning and wish to get to The Peak in time to see the views before the sun sets then you should plan your timing carefully.  Although the Park and Victoria Peak are close geographically there is limited transport between them. If you are taking the bus from Admiralty to Ocean Park in the morning, the 629 bus is dedicated to this route, then  you can continue on via public transport when visiting The Peak later in the day.

This is almost certainly the preferred way to have the two destinations in one days itinerary because The Peak often suffers from mist early in the morning and so the afternoon and evening provide better chances of a clear view.  On the other hand Ocean Park opens at 10am, and while it stays open most days until 7PM you can see all that you might want to see by mid afternoon.

However, if you want to organize your day the other way around then consider the fact that The Peak is of course a public place and open 24 hours, with the various ways to get there running most of the time. The first Peak Tram runs at 7am and a taxi could take you there at any time of the morning.  So if you are up bright and early, perhaps because of jet lag or simply because you want to pack as much into each day in Hong Kong as you possibly can, consider visiting Victoria Peak in the morning, combining some lunch at one of the many restaurants with a walk shaded by the trees of the circular walk.

You might even buy supplies for a picnic and eat alfresco at one of the many sitting out points, parks or gardens.  Then after lunch you still have plenty of time to visit Ocean Park.  Do check out the online schedule for special events in the park though because some do not continue late in the day.  Late afternoon and early evening in the park can actually be quieter as many people, including groups and tour busses from all over the world, have finished viewing the aquarium and taking the rides and have already started to leave.

Whichever way you schedule your day of "peak and park" you will surely enjoy both and leave with great memories and masses of pictures!

To take public transport:

Use public bus 6X which leaves from the Ocean Park car park and goes towards Central, Exchange Square.  The bus costs HK$4.60, but only runs about once every 15 to 20 minutes, and you will be on the bus for around 7 stops, which will take about 20 minutes.

Get off the bus at the stop marked Cheung Kong Centre, which is right behind the iconic HSBC Bank Building.  Walk back along the road the bus cam until you can turn right up-hill, it is then a 10 minute walk up a slope to find the Lower Peak Tram Terminus on the opposite site of the road.

Then take the Peak Tram up the the Victoria Peak!

This route will take about an hour but will show you some interesting sights a long the way, and of course you get to take the Peak Tram.

There is an MTR station directly outside Ocean Park and this also provides rapid transport, but the closest point for the Peak would be to take the MTR to Admiralty and either from there a bus, or walk up the hill to the Peak Tram.  Another alternative use of the subway train system would be to go from the park station to Central station, walk through the underground passageway to Hong Kong station and exit into the IFC Mall.  There is a Green Minibus (GMB) station in the mall car park from which GMB #1 departs and goes all the way to the peak.


Taxis are of course a fast and efficient way to use your limited time in Hong Kong, and getting from Ocean Park to Victoria Peak via taxi offers you several options.  Though surprisingly a direct route from the park, which is to the far south of Hong Kong island, to the Peak doesn't exist.  At least for taxis, but more on that later.

Therefore taking a taxi will mean going through the tunnel tunnel back to Causeway Bay, and from there proceed to the Peak via Wanchai, Admiralty and up the Peak.  This is direct and without traffic jams takes only 15 or 20 minutes.  It is your option to decide to go to the lower Peak Tram terminus, and take the tram up, or the upper terminus.

A more interesting route is to ask the taxi driver to take Stubbs Road and Peak Road, this means driving through some of Hong Kong's prime residential areas on The Peak, with grand views over the harbour.  Do note however that this a very windy route and not recommended for those who suffer from motion sickness.   This route takes you directly to the top of the peak.

Alternative for the adventurous

Lastly there are some grand and interesting walking trails through Aberdeen Country Park that will take you from Ocean Park to Victoria Peak.  Do note though that these are for the serious walker and only general directions will be given here.  For details please refer to the country parks website regarding Hong Kong Trail section 3.

Outside the park head for the Academy of Medicine and start the trail behind that building.  It is signposted.

There are several parallel paths but take those heading for the Upper Aberdeen Reservoir and from there on to Peak Road.

Alternatively follow signs to the Lower Aberdeen Reservoir and then Peel Rise for a longer but more interesting hike.

Once again, do not attempt this without proper preparation including maps and equipment.

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While often visited for the view the visitor should not forget that The Peak encompasses a wide range of dining options, from the casual to the sophisticated.  Within The Peak area are examples of many of Hong Kong's most authentic and distinctive styles, as well as international choices to fit all palates and budgets.

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