Victoria Peak from Disneyland

While not a traditional part of the Hong Kong itinerary, the Magic Kingdom has become one of the welcome attractions that many people visit while in HK. The second of the theme parks in Hong Kong, after the Ocean Park, it is located outside the city area on the island of Lantau.

The largest if Hong Kong's many outlying islands the island of Lantau is actually not only the biggest, larger even than Hong Kong island itself but it holds a wide variety of different attractions, and destinations. From the traditional fishing village of Tai O, to the magnificent outside statue known as the Big Buddha, and even Hong Kong's International Airport.

The various areas if the island are not well connected together though, as the high mountains in the centre make road links problematic and most transport is therefore around the coast. The area of Penny's Bay where Disneyland is located has its own transport routes that connected the land of the mouse to the rest of the city. Built and operated by the same MTR Corp that runs the rest of the rail transport in Hong Kong the lines to Disneyland include a final section which includes Disney-themed trains and stations.

Roads also run the full distance to Disneyland and there are bus services, and of course it is possible to drive or take a taxi though this is rarely done due to the distance.

Option 1 - Train, Bus and Peak Tram

Taking advantage of the excellent MTR services from the park, and combining them with iconic Peak Tram gives a great overall trip. The join between the two services is the regular public bus service which is safe, clean, fast and efficient.  This three legged trip involves some changes, but also great scenic views.

  1. Leave the park and follow signs to the Disneyland Resort Line station, as part of "Mainstreet USA" it is labeled the "Mainstreet Station" and combines traditional styling the with modern transport.
  2. Take the train to Sunny Bay Station, there is no other stop.
  3. Take the Tung Chung Line towards Hong Kong Station. There are 6 stops and this is one of the more modern of the lines.
  4. At Hong Kong station leave and take the escalators up into IFC Mall
  5. Exit IFC Mall on the walkway towards the public Piers and walk to outside Pier 8, the Star Ferry pier
  6. Skip the tourist busses and get on the regular 15C CityBus/NWFB which goes directly to the Lower Peak Tram Terminus, stopping only once at City Hall along the way
  7. At the tram terminus buy a ticket and take the tram to the top.
  8. You have arrived at the Peak Tower, now explore the rest of the Victoria Peak area!

Taking this trip after Disneyland closes in the evening means seeing the city and the harbour at its illuminated best. The lights of the buildings around Victoria Harbour are seen up close on the bus, then the overall view is gradually revealed during the tram trip, culminating in the grand vista of that perfect clichéd yet irresistible night-time view from the Peak of the harbour.

Option 2 - Public Bus

Buses depart from Disneyland, at the large bus stop just outside the gates, and can take you to other types of public transport. None of them will take you all the way to Victoria Peak so some changing is unavoidable.

  1. Catch bus R8  from outside Disneyland which takes you to the Lantua Link Toll Plaza
  2. Wait for the E11 Airport Flyer and catch this towards the city
  3. Alight at Jardine House, on Connaught road. This is the third stop after you come out of the Western Harbour Tunnel
  4. Walk back, take the stairs ahead of you up to the walkway.
  5. Cross the walkway and turn right into Exchange Square and immediately take the escalator down to the large covered car bus station
  6. Catch bus 15 underneath Exchange Square (there are extra buses in the mornings only)
  7. Ride the bus for over 30 stops, taking in the hills all around the eastern side of Victoria Peak
  8. Alight when the bus goes inside the "underground", but actually enclosed road level bus stop which is part of The Galleria.
  9. Take the escalator up into the building and then out into the plaza
  10. Now explore!

While often visited for the view the visitor should not forget that The Peak encompasses a wide range of dining options, from the casual to the sophisticated.  Within The Peak area are examples of many of Hong Kong's most authentic and distinctive styles, as well as international choices to fit all palates and budgets.


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